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Saturday, February 23rd, 2008
3:00 pm
Wednesday, October 29th, 2003
8:33 pm
You don't get a real update... Thanks to weepday

You are...Where Do They Make Balloons? You will keep repeating your wonderings until someone gets so fed up, they will call up the balloon company and ask where they make balloons.
You're Where Do They Make Balloons?

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Friday, August 1st, 2003
10:15 pm
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, sigmundtsm

Didn't know where you were living, so I guessed this was the best way to tell you to have a good one! Gimme a call when you get settled.

(Hi, Tammy! *giggle*)
Sunday, July 27th, 2003
3:12 pm
Well, Sir Patrick has been in the Netherlands for the past week. I miss him. I know he'll be home today but I don't know what time. *sigh* I really want to call him but I don't want to bother him...I sent him a letter a day while he was away....he'll call when he can.

*sigh* Doesn't make missing him any better.
12:27 pm
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MICAH!!!! SO much fun last night! Hope you're feeling okay! ;-)

Love you!!!
Monday, July 21st, 2003
10:26 pm
Here's another big Howdy Doody welcome to sigmundtsm and rural_muse
Thursday, July 17th, 2003
8:02 pm
short, sweet, to the point
So here you go.... Sir Patrick was here for just over a week. Had a MARVELOUS time! We left here the Tuesday before Independence Day and made our way up north. Trekked through Mammoth Caves (speeeeeeeeeelunking lunking lunking!!), saw a cabaret/variety show in Cincinnati, met his 90+ year old grandma, celebrated 2 different birthdays, spent time on the lake in Pennsylvania, watched The Balloon Doctor in action *giggle*, saw the fireworks, played video games, went to Canada, want to move there, went on a ghost tour, saw Niagra Falls, had the bejeebers scared out of me, cried as I was searched at the airport (two completely unrelated events), and came home. Oh yeah...I ALSO GOT A JOB!!!!! Had the interviews while Patrick was here (was great to have the support!) and got the phone call on his cell as we arrived at the Falls. *sigh* I've been working for a week and I love it!

But that's all for now...I think Micah's here......

Current Mood: ecstatic
Saturday, June 21st, 2003
9:46 pm
Hmm....Guess I haven't been here in a while. So, Sir Patrick will be here TOMORROW!!!! Tomorrow night at this time I will be in his arms. *sigh* YAY!!!!

Dad's been in Germany for a week. Mom and I picked him up from the airport tonight...a week early, actually.

My brother surprised me and mom by coming for a visit. He showed up Thursday as I finished cleaning the guest room for Patrick's visit. *sigh* I don't want to clean it again, but I'd hate for Patrick to live in my brother's dirt even for a second. *giggle* He'll leave Sunday afternoon so I get to quickly re-clean tomorrow after I get home from ordering bridesmaid dress #2 at Jennifer C.'s.

So I guess I've been busy. I still don't have a job and I haven't heard back from Harley Davidson Financial Services Aircraft dept. Hopefully that will pan out. That would be nice.

Okay. Back to the ol' vaccuum cleaner. Haven't seen Mr. Klaw in a while... ;-)

If anyone has any suggestions of fun stuff to do while Sir Patrick's in town, lemme know!

Current Mood: excited
Sunday, June 8th, 2003
10:40 pm
From the Dallas Morning News from Friday, December 6, 1996 (I was cleaning out some folders and found this clipping...enjoy!)

Denison, Texas

It must have been quite a scene.

A bandit trying to disguise himself by wearing a pair of women’s pink panties over his head was foiled in his attempt to rob a convenience store by a Spam-slinging clerk.

Police said the bandit tried to rob the EZ Mart store early Wednesday. He struck the clerk over the head with something while she had her back to the bandit.

The woman got up and began throwing cans of Spam at the bandit, who fled without any loot.

Police said the clerk was not seriously hurt, but she had a knot on the back of her head and was sent home early because she was “pretty shaken up.”

Officers said the man was wearing black sweat pants, tennis shoes, no shirt and the women’s panties when he fled from the store.

“I’ve never heard of a robber using women’s panties to disguise himself,” said Mike Eppler, community relations officer for the Denison Police Department. “There have been no reports of a robber using panties in a robbery attempt in Denison. This is a new one.”
9:01 pm
my weekend
I worked really hard last week! If I wasn't busy being jacked around by Scary Company (Monday and Tuesday) I was having to deal with Stupid Current "Job" (Wednesday through Friday). Friday I simply crashed. Saturday I spent doing some personal studying/reading and talking to some peeps I haven't talked to in quite some time! Also watched Ice Age. Cute movie.

Today I spent all day with Jennifer S. and Anthony looking for my first bridesmaid dress of the year. *sigh* So tiring. But we found one and I'll be going to pick it up tomorrow. The wedding's in late August so I'm sure you all get a picture or, at least, an update later. Ordering the dress for Jennifer C.'s wedding in two weeks. I wouldn't mind having the responsibility of buying my own bridesmaid dress but I wish I had a more steady income for all of this to happen right now. Oh, well. You gotta look out for your peeps, word.

Now I'm sorting through/throwing out a bunch of old crap that's been gnawing at my mind. Feels good to throw away stuff sometimes.

Current Mood: grumpy
Wednesday, June 4th, 2003
2:22 pm
the results are in!
The company WAS, in fact, a horrible company. I found out the name of the "parent company" yesterday and after I accepted the position that was offered to me over the phone after my full day out and about yesterday I did some research. The name of said "parent company" sounded familiar and I did a search on-line.... Jess, does the name Cydcor sound familiar? I called this morning and was SO proud of myself for standing up to these goof-balls!!! The boss-man didn't even want to talk to me! I gave the receptionist a message to give to him, "If you could just tell him that I've reconsidered his offer and I will NOT be working for Metroscape Marketing. Thank you for your time! Goodbye!" *click*

Then I got a call from the psudo-current job...the training joke that I've been doing. I stood up to them, too! WOO HOO!!!

Everybody SO needs to read Winning Through Intimidation by Robert J. Ringer. Two books have ever changed my life. This in one of them. I'm not kidding.
Tuesday, June 3rd, 2003
7:21 pm
I got a response from a sales/marketing job on monster.com on Thursday and called for an interview on Friday scheduled for yesterday. Went in, it went great, he called me back for today to talk with someone in the company...a "shadow"?...and spent the day with him and had a second interview with the president of the company. The second I walked through the door I got a call from Mr. President telling me that he would like to offer me the position if I want it and if I was interested to come in tomorrow to talk pay and get started. Jess, this kinda sounds like what you "warned" me about, but it's not as bad as the impression I got from you. I'm going in tomorrow morning to give him my yay or nay. I really just feel like crying.

Tomorrow I may or may not have a job to go along with the first job I may or may not have. *sigh* Yes. I will cry now.
Thursday, May 29th, 2003
1:32 am
forgot to update!
Micah and Jennifer were here earlier for our weekly gathering. It's always great to hang with the girls! I wanna start cooking again...that is, if you'll help me, Micah... *blush* After they left I talked to mom and dad for a LONG time (about nothing really) and just got back home and realized I haven't updated in a while...

Well, Patrick's issue has been resolved and everything is great! Mr. Klaw's issue (which is a TOTALLY different issue than Patrick's, by the way...) has been resolved and he's working on his updated schedule for the fall right now. I still don't really like my job, but I got paid on time (this time) so I'm okay for now. I'll take something new if it jumps at me, though. Patrick will be here in 25 days, I believe. YAY!!! Looks like I'll be a bridesmaid in 2 weddings this year: Jennifer S. in August and Jennifer C. in October. The first one I think I may end up being the only bridesmaid (maid of honor by default?). I'm going to Germany with mom, dad, and the brother *eep!* in September (the week after my birthday). I'm gonna have a busy fall! I'm doing a major overhaul/throwing out stuff extravaganza! I'll be venturing into the attic tomorrow... *gasp!* I think a yard sale will be in the VERY near future for me.

Okay...this kid's gotta get some sleep! *yawn!* Sooooo tired........

Current Mood: sleepy
1:21 am
some quizes make me laugh out loud for real...
.....this is one of those quizes.

Funny Asian Man

What's Your Personality Type?
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Thanks, chuckyparadise!!!! How funny is that?!

Current Mood: amused
Friday, May 23rd, 2003
10:28 pm
stuff and more stuff
So, exciting news! txbeebs called me last night!!! We talked a lot and caught up a lot and giggled even more. I miss her...

Had a meeting at work today. *sigh* I wish this job was better 'cause I'd really like it if it was. (You know, that made sense in my head...I know what I meant...)

Patrick's not having a great time right now. He's such a great guy and deserves so many good things... I hope his new project works out.

The Australian boy IMed me yesterday. *sigh* Why can't some people leave me the fuck alone?!

Cookie Monster's Bulimia Nervosa

Yes, cookies *are* good. But too much of anything
is never a good thing. Instead of bingeing and
purging, try to regulate your eating habits.
Maybe instead of having two dozen cookies, you
could have two. Also, you should slow down
your eating. Chew each bite several times
before swallowing. Eating more slowly makes it
easier to tell when you are full. And don't
worry about body image--people love you just
the way you are, googly eyes and all.

Which Sesame Street Muppet's Dark Secret Are You?
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Anyone who knows me knows my obsession with cookies... *sigh* Oddly enough, my boy sent me a Cookie Monster doll this week. *giggle*

Current Mood: contemplative
Sunday, May 18th, 2003
12:02 pm
happy little update
So, I had an excellent day at work Friday, Mr. Klaw and I have divised a plan for giving him his medicine that seems to work well, he's not peeing on the bathroom floor anymore (he's using the box again), I have a supportive foundation of people that are out of this world, and I'm starting to use my creative juices again. I like where I am (mentally, not physically) and I like where I'm going.

Who could ask for anything more?

Current Mood: happy
Thursday, May 15th, 2003
9:18 pm
Yeah...the pee smell was coming from ME! Apparently I got some on my shirt...which is why I didn't smell it when I changed clothes and went to work... *sigh* Shoot me now.
9:06 pm
Mr. Klaw
My cat has a small penis. He has another urinary tract infection. We spent this morning at the vet and almost $200 later when we get home I find out that it doesn't hurt him to pee enough to not pee all over his pet carrier. When I let him out I didn't know his whole bottom half was drenched and he went sprinting through my apartment leaving me perplexed as to why my arm was all wet. *sigh* So we both had a bath and I scrubbed floors and carpets all day in addition to driving 45 minutes one way to go to work TWICE today.

It has NOT been a good day. I think I missed some pee somewhere. NOT a good day.

Current Mood: pissed off
Tuesday, May 13th, 2003
3:03 pm
I'm baaaaaaaaack!
Okay, so I actually got back Sunday evening on May 11th...Mother's Day. But after dinner with the mom and dad I went straight to bed and yesterday was catch up day. Today I'm really back.

I had a wonderful time! SO much happened so I'll just give a lil' re-cap as best I can...

He picked me up at the airport in Columbus right when he said he would on Friday, May 2nd(he's so good!). Drove to the Cleveland area to meet The Parents for the first time for dinner. They're wonderful people!!! Had a great time! I stayed at their house for the weekend. Went to The Kid's first communion thing Saturday (she's Patrick's 8 year old niece). Met the whole extended family at the reception. Disappeared early to attend a magic show. ;-) Met some of his friends. His birthday party was Sunday met MORE extended family and the rest of the friends. Dumped french toast covered in syrup in my lap at breakfast. Monday Patrick and I left, drove across Pennsylvania to Newark. Started "Take Your Girlfriend to Work Week" in New Jersey. Thursday, I was to fly out of Long Island's MacArthur Airport.... New York traffic wouldn't let me make my flight. Called Southwest Airlines and changed my flight for Sunday so I could actually spend some time with my boy (which we really hadn't had all week with the family and the working and the things and the stuff...).

We finished his work week and drove on Friday down to Atlantic City where we stayed in the 49th floor of the Tropicana Hotel. I saw my first casino. I went to my first comedy club. We walked along the Boardwalk and stuck our feet in the Atlantic Ocean (no matter how friggin' freezing!).

We left Atlantic City Saturday evening and drove to Philadelphia. Went to a great little diner called Nifty Fifties...they make their own sodas and shakes....ANY FLAVOR YOU WANT!!! Sunday, we drove through Delaware......."hey, look....I'm in Delaware.....".....to the Baltimore Washington International Airport in Maryland and I came home.

* New Jersey and New York are the smelliest, dirtiest, scariest, ugliest, nastiest places I've ever been to. I have absolutely no desire to ever go there again...although Corn Mo opening for TMBG at the Gigantic premiere is tempting. ;-)

* Although smelly and nasty, New Jersey has some GREAT food!!! And all of it is TERRIBLE for you!!!

* We did a few shows right down the street from the Edison Museum...closed right now, but EVER SO COOL!!! The place is friggin' HUGE!!!

* During the week of watching Patrick work, I saw: a boy wearing a helmet, a girl named Allegra, a swarm of small children almost eat Patrick whole in a scary pre-pubescent mob, a small boy burst into tears in the first 2 minutes of the show and had to be escorted out, and a retarded girl pee in her pants.

* After commenting to Patrick on how wonderful it was to be walking along the boardwalk holding hands with him and how beautiful it all was...I looked to my right and saw a homeless man throwing up on a park bench and as I looked up in shock saw a HUGE scary angry man yelling...at himself...and walking very determinedly.

...And lastly, Patrick works harder than anyone I've ever met. I didn't think I could respect him any more than I did before, but I do. As bad as I feel about my own life right now, I also feel hopeful and energized for the future. I'm on the verge of some really exciting stuff. Although I'm not totally sure what all that stuff is, I know it's big and I know that I'm the one who's gonna get me there. And despite practically living with the poor boy for over a week straight, he still loves me...and he's not tired of me. :-)

So that's my trip! Sorry this is so long. I missed you all!

Current Mood: tired
3:00 pm
Oh yeah!
I think every answer was either Rose or Sophia... I guess it was blonde by one vote. *sigh* Funniest question and answer, "My weirdest relationship was with a magician." *giggle* Thank you, Mr. Ireland.

Rose Nylund
Which Golden Girl Are You?
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